Conference for New England Archaeology

The Conference on New England Archaeology was formed in 1979 to strengthen communication and facilitate a continuous interchange of information among archaeologists who work in New England. CNEA publishes information highlighting relevant current research and sponsors an annual conference on a current topic in New England archaeology. Member benefits includes conference admission.

CNEA ANNUAL MEETING-- Saturday, April 23, 2016

2016 Conference Topic: The Archaeological Curation Crisis in the 21st Century.

Graduate campus of Marlboro College in Brattleboro, VT (Room 2-E). We are grateful to the VT Archaeological Society for hosting us.


The steering committee elected to build our theme as a continuation of the discussion last year of the "curation crisis"-- this year we will be hearing from a fantastic group of speakers who are using innovative methods to make the most out of the data we gather. These speakers include Ora Elquist, Nathan Scholl, Peter Leach, Sean Rafferty, Dave Leslie, Kevin McBride/Dave Naumec, Brennan Gauthier, Zac Singer, and representatives from the VT DOT. Topics include residue analysis, use of drones and 3D modelling, metal detection, stable isotopes, chemical evidence for tobacco use, geomorphology, 3D printing, and new directions in consultation.

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