Past Topics

Year Topic Location
2014 Consultation, Coordination and Collaboration: Native American Voices in 21st Century Archaeological Practice Robert S. Peabody Museum at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
2013 Black Archaeology in New England: Theory, Dialogue, and Interpretation Robert S. Peabody Museum at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
2012 Emerging Trends in Paleo Indian Interpretation Strawberry Banke, Portsmouth, NH
2011 Emerging Challenges to Coastal and Maritime Archaeology UMass, Amherst, MA
2010 Archaeological Mise en Place: Dialogues from New England’s Archaeological Kitchen UMass, Amherst, MA
2009 Space and Place Anna Maria, Paxton, MA
2008 Challenging Assumptions: Creating and Revising Ideas about Site Locations Franklin Pearce, West Rindge, NH
2007 Rules of Engagement: A Reflection Sturbridge, MA
2006 No topic given in newsletter Sturbridge, MA
2005 Transportation Sturbridge, MA
2004 Technology and the Archaeologist: Applications of the New and Re-creations of the Old Mashantucket Pequot Museum, Ledyard, CT
2003 Hearth and Home in New England: Prospects and Problems Sturbridge, MA
2002 Materializing Anthropology: In Memory of Barbara Luedtke UMass, Boston, MA
2001 Looking Back - Looking Ahead: Celebrating 20 Years of CNEA Sturbridge, MA
2000 The Settling and Unsettling of New England Sturbridge, MA
1999 Coastal and Maritime Archaeology in New England: Current Research Issues and Future Directions Urban Forestry Center, Portsmouth, NH
1998 Archaeology of Race and Ethnicity: The Making of Social and Historical Categories Sturbridge, MA
1997 Creating and Interpreting New England's Environments Sturbridge, MA
1996 Creating and Interpreting Cultural Identity Sturbridge, MA
1995 Archaeology and History: Constructing New England's Pasts Sturbridge, MA
1994 Perspectives on Place Sturbridge, MA
1993 Diversity and Commonality in New England Archaeology Sturbridge, MA
1992 Uses of the Past: Community History and Archaeology in New England Sturbridge, MA
1991 Presenting Archaeology; Retrospective and Prospective Look at New England Archaeology Sturbridge, MA
1990 Archaeology of Marginality Sturbridge, MA
1989 Human Burials Sturbridge, MA
1988 Cores, Peripheries and Modeling in Conservation Archaeology Sturbridge, MA
1987 Archaeological Interpretations of the Structural Form UMass, Amherst, MA
1986 Trade, Communication, and Transportation Networks UMass, Boston, MA
1985 What Cheare Ne'top: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Contact Period Sturbridge, MA
1984 Constructing the Past,"Brown University Providence, RI
1983 The Archaeology and Interpretations of Households Sturbridge, MA
1982 Social Systems and Archaeological Remains Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
1981 Upland and Lowland New England Settlements Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
1980 -- no meeting -- organization underway no meeting